The activity of our company starts in 2019, but the experience in the field starts in 2009. From the technological flow layout, price offer, to the implementation of the business, the qualified staff from Horeca Prolab takes you step by step in  completing your detailed project. 

In each project, Horeca Prolab understands the client’s needs and offers state-of-the-art professional equipment, which helps the client in an innovative and practical way to carry out his activity. 

Our clients include successful businesses, which we are glad to have supported through our professional services. 

Since 2020, we have created our own coffee brand Extro Verti, with one thought in mind: to offer the best specialty coffee.

Also in our online store, in addition to specialty coffee, you can buy vegan products from Fonte, without artificial colors and flavors or flavor enhancers. Through the Fonte product range, we offer the customer a new approach to the common lifestyle today. 

You can see in the following presentation some of the finalised projects and projects in progress. Enjoy!